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Dion Snowshoe Series


WMAC & Notes


  • Wednesday night fun runs...
    From October 23rd until April 2014 - Fun runs start at 5:30pm from the PNA at 13 Victory Street in Adams. Runners of all abilities are welcome.

  • new!
    WMAC Christmas Party!
    Zucchini’s Restaurant, 1331 North St. Pittsfield, Saturday, December 20th
    dinner will be a buffet
    Please RSVP by Dec. 13th.

  • FatAss 50K
    2014 Info, 50K or less, December 28th, North Adams, MA.
    Out & back + 5 x 5.5 mile road loops.
    ‘This is a community running event. All area runners are invited to participate by running as little as one loop or the whole thing. If you are running fewer than 31 miles, you can start anytime and keep some of the 50Kers company.’

  • < Sawmill River 10K
    Race Info - New Year’s Day, Village Common, Montague Center, MA

Grand Tree Trail Race Series


  • "Stretch like a cat, run like a horse."    - Anonymous

  • new!
    Grand Tree 2014 Season Final Results
    GT Total Points | GT Best 2,3..6 Races | Alphabetical Results
    Thank you all for honoring the trails with your efforts, and thanks to the race directors, clubs, and volunteers who make these races possible.
    24 runners officially completed the series by running at least six races. Two of the top three overall scores (best six races) were women, running above 90% of winning pace:
    PlaceFirst nameLast nameM/FAgeCountBest 6
    Congratulations to Todd Bennett, Kelsey Allen, and Kehr Davis for a season of high quality trail racing. Kelsey and Kehr ran a closely fought series with distinction, Kelsey's eight races allowing only the lowest two scores to be dropped.

    Five runners ran ten or more races, top Stonehead Ted Cowles ran 18 races with 1414 total points, followed by Kehr Davis second overall Stonehead and first woman, running 13 races for 1132 points.

    Note that the Total Points and Best 2,3,..6 scores are reported for runners who ran at least two races.
    Please check the alphabetical results and report errors or omissions to the - sometimes results under variations of names are not combined.

  • durtyfeets Upton State Forest Trail Run
    GT Results for the 21K are posted
    Full results at durtyfeets Upton State Forest Trail Run
    November 16th, Upton, MA>

  • Stone Cat 50 Mile and Marathon Trail Races
    GT Results are posted.
    Official race results are posted at UltraSignup, photos and more at the Stone Cat race website

  • Grand Tree Results Archive - past performance is no guarantee of future results

  • Photos by Ben Kimball at northeastracephoto.
    including Grand Tree, snowshoe, and local races, and nature.