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Dion Snowshoe Series


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  • Wednesday night fun runs...
    From October 23rd until April 2014 - Fun runs start at 5:30pm from the PNA at 13 Victory Street in Adams.
    Runners of all abilities are welcome.

Grand Tree Trail Race Series


  • new! 2016 Grand Tree Trail Race Series Preliminary GT2016 Schedule
    Many races have online registration open already.
    Some races have not posted their 2016 dates yet (it's still early - we haven't even had a real winter storm yet...), check later at their websites or here for updated information.

  • 2015 Grand Tree Trail Race Series Final Results
              Best Six Races (and best 2,3..5) | Total Points

    Kehr Davis ran 17 races to win both the Overall Series (best 6 races) and Stonehead (total points) competitions, and by generous margins. Stanislav Trufanov took second and Eric Wyzga third place in both Overall Series and Stonehead. Allyson Koenig was second woman in the Overall Series, and Katya Divari second woman Stonehead.

    We had 2300 runners participating in the 22 races of the series, of whom 18 dedicated trail runners were official Grand Tree Series Finishers by running six or more races in the series. (Due to two race schedule conflicts, the maximum possible number of the 22 races a single person could run was 20 .)

    Congratulations, and thank you all for getting out on the trails and running around like healthy animals! And thanks to all the race directors, volunteers, and clubs that make these races possible.

    Please check the alphabetical results and report errors or omissions to the - sometimes results under variations of names are not combined.

  • Grand Tree Results Archive - past performance is no guarantee of future results

  • Photos by Ben Kimball at northeastracephoto.
    including Grand Tree (Sisters, Greylock...), snowshoe, and local races, and nature.
    And, check out Ben's new book, Trail Running Western Massachusetts on
    Facebook, buy from your local bookstore or as paperback or e-book at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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  • Newsletter
    Notice from the WMAC to all members:

    Due to health issues of our newsletter editor we're sorry to say we will not be able to have an end of year newsletter this year. We have been looking for a new newsletter editor for several years now but no one has volunteered to help out. If you are interested in taking over our newsletter please contact Will at for more info.