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People interested in recreational and competitive running and athletics are invited to join the Western Massachusetts Athletic Club based in the Berkshire County area. The Club was organized in 1979 when a group of competitive runners came together to form a club capable of fulfilling any runner's needs. We are active in trail running, snowshoeing, road racing, mountain running, bicycling, and whatever may interest our members. The Club's purpose is to promote sports activities for enjoyment as well as for competition. All are welcome to join.

The Club holds three annual trail races: the Mount Greylock 1/2 Marathon, the Savoy Mountain 20 Mile Race, and the Monroe Dunbar Brook race, each with an accompanying 5K or shorter concurrent race. These events have a long history and tradition, together forming the WMAC Trail Race Trilogy. A champion is declared in men's and women's divisions each year. WMAC also hosts the Grand Tree series of trail races, a consortium of about 20 races put on by running clubs in New England. Runners run as many races as they like, and may compete for best six scores or for total points. In addition to the trail races, WMAC also holds various road races, including the Mount Greylock 8-mile road race, the Fall Foliage 5k, and the Turkey Trot 5k.

Winter is not a deterrent as the club hosts the North Adams Fat Ass 50K and the Dion Snowshoe Series of roughly fifteen snowshoe events each season. The emphasis is on exploration of the many underused state parks in Western Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont. Locales change from year to year but standards are the South Pond Shuffle, Greylock Glen, Hawley Kiln Klassic, and the Moody Springs. The Moby Dick, a 16-30 mile fun run/snowshoe known for its extreme weather conditions, is held in any year hardy runners feel inspired.

Come to chat with runners at the WMAC group training runs Wednesday evenings, year round in Adams, MA - check the website main page for details. Weekend training runs of longer distances are common during the "off" season. During the racing season there are many opportunities for group travel throughout New England for racing events. The club also has many members who run a spring or fall marathon, most often traveling as a group. If ultradistances interest you, the club has many ultra runners who venture up to the 100 mile distance. This doesn't mean that runners of shorter distances should feel discouraged from joining - there is a place for runners of all abilities and distance desires. The only common thread is that most of us seem to enjoy trail running.

The WMAC newsletter (Trail Running News) is published online four or five times a year, with a hardcopy mailed to all club members at no charge. In addition to race results and stories, and news about Club activities, the newsletter is a lively guide to trail running and snowshoeing in the northeast. You can contribute an article yourself, too, just drop a line to the editor, Will Danecki

Membership in the club includes discounts at local sporting goods establishments, links to training and racing, and new found friendships. A Christmas party is held each December to end up the year.

Officers 2004
Officers elected for the 2004 season are as follows:

President: Ed Saharczewski
Vice President: Denise Dion
Secretary: Ellen Mach
Treasurer: Fran Mach
Newsletter Editor: Will Danecki
Webmaster: Perry Burdick

WMAC Address
WMAC, P.O.Box 356 Adams, MA 01220