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Peaked Mt Trail Races

10K and 4hr
Peaked Mt Reservation, Monson MA
November 10, 2019

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Benefits Peaked Mt Reservation

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4hr | 10K

4 hr Results

Grand Tree scoring of the 4hr race:
In an ideal fixed-time race, the precise distance run by each runner would be known, and the GT% score would be (as a percentage) the fraction of the distance a runner ran relative to the runner who ran farthest.

In a 4hr race around a 400m track, counting laps and eyeballing the fraction of the last lap run would do nicely. But in a trail race of 5K laps run through the woods with only the times for each lap completed up to 4hr known, we trade some precision of GT scoring for getting the fun of this race.

To improve the precision a bit, and so that all runners finishing with the same number of laps don't get the same score, scoring is based on "GT laps" equal to the n laps completed within 4 hours, plus 1/2 the additional distance that would have been covered in the remaining time at the average pace for the n laps (but not more than 1 lap added).

Place  First name    Last name   GAge Town   St         Time       n Laps   GT laps GT %
1PatrickHalloranM23Oakdale CT3:44:1488.281100.00%
2JasonGrayM40Northbridge MA3:46:2588.24099.50%
3JesseVeinotteM38Hubbardston MA3:58:0088.03497.01%
4ShanRiggsM40Glastonbury CT3:59:2588.01096.72%
5RyanEntrikinM34Chesapeake VA3:41:3377.29188.05%
6LukeLegendreM35Worcester MA3:45:0077.23387.35%
7JessicaSeemF43Oakham MA3:49:2277.16286.49%
8LoliArosemenaF40La Villa Panama3:26:1166.49278.39%
9TrevorJostiM29Greenville NH3:28:3066.45377.93%
10CaseyMendralaF30Ludlow MA3:31:3266.40477.33%
11ChristianD'amourM30Wilbraham MA3:37:4866.30676.15%
12AnthonyTieuliM46Northbridge MA3:42:2566.23775.32%
13AimeeBouchardF39Springfield MA3:53:1166.08873.51%
14DanSullivanM35Monson MA3:55:2866.05873.15%
15JohnVelisM38Westfield MA3:55:5766.05173.07%
16TomDrohanM49Holyoke MA3:56:4766.04172.94%
17EmanuelSardinhaM46Westfield MA3:57:2566.03372.85%
18ThomasHoganM51Monson MA3:57:2566.03372.85%
19TanyaRapinchukF47Monson MA3:13:4855.59667.57%
20MikeFinnM49West Springfield MA3:18:0555.52966.77%
21JesseBeaudoinM36Monson MA3:32:1055.32864.34%
22JohnSpelkoM72Monson MA3:34:2855.29863.97%
23DanDrohanM23Holyoke MA3:40:5555.21662.99%

4hr | 10K

10K Results

Place First Name Last Name    G       Age  Town   St         Time     GT %
1KraigHebertM35Holyoke MA50:39100.00%
2RickMaloM48Monson MA51:0199.28%
3EricHoweM52Paxton MA53:0695.39%
4PatrickGeeM55Suffield CT53:2594.82%
5MichaelPaulsenM53Easthampton MA54:0093.80%
6JimMoranM54Monson MA57:5387.50%
7TedCowlesM61West Granby CT59:0585.73%
8JohnFlaggM19Jefferson MA1:01:1782.65%
9JonathanTarboxM54Ellington CT1:01:3382.29%
10WilliamWarrenM38Wales MA1:01:3782.20%
11BryceHernsdoreM55Granby CT1:01:4082.14%
12JasonDominickM48  1:03:0780.25%
13AnthonyValleyM49Bondsville MA1:03:5479.26%
14JmRyanM67Ludlow MA1:04:0279.10%
15LiamKayM22Monson MA1:05:4477.05%
16AlecFanninM22North Grafton MA1:07:2075.22%
17ThomasParkerM53Nashua NH1:07:5674.56%
18BethanyAylwardF35Ware MA1:08:4573.67%
19MikeKoprowskiM40Brimfield MA1:11:5570.43%
20RobertLefebvreM55Wilbraham MA1:13:5868.48%
21AdamBeerM32Warren MA1:14:2368.09%
22SheilaCroussF46Hampden MA1:17:5565.01%
23ElaineDillF71Monson MA1:18:0764.84%
24AmandaWarrenF36Wales MA1:18:4764.29%
25StanZwyrbiaM29Warren MA1:20:2962.93%
26MichaelKaneM59Wilbraham MA1:22:4361.23%
27ChrisHarrisonM66Boston MA1:25:3759.16%
28KristenFennellF36West Roxbury MA1:55:4343.77%
29KristineFosterF36East Longmeadow MA1:55:4543.76%

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