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Grand Tree Trail Race Series

GT Moose

  • new! GT Final Results for the 2023 season
    Total points | Best avg of 2-5 races
    Alphabetical by Name Results for all runners:
    Results A-Z (1 MB) | Download as a spreadsheet in open document format.

    Among Stoneheads, in the men's competition for total points Ted Cowles is again top stonehead, having run 13 of the 16 possible-to-run races for 851 points, 155 points ahead of Peter Despres, who ran 11 races.

    In the women's competition for total points, Katya Divari ran 9 races for 471 points, ahead of Kelly Tull's 7 race total of 449 points. Congratulations to Ted, Katya, and all the 18 dedicated trail runners who completed at least five races to officially complete the 2023 Grand Tree Series.

    For the overall series title, determined by the average of the best five races run, Kelly Tull edged out Erica Walden among the women, and Brian Rusiecki again won the overall title for the men, by a large margin with 96%. Congratulations, Brian, Kelly, and Erica.

  • Grand Tree status...
    This is my last season doing the Grand Tree. Anyone want to take it on? It would be nice to see the Grand Tree continue, and perhaps with a bit more time and expertise than I have given it, realize its potential as a service to trail runners and trail races.
    Let me know! Thanks!
    Rob Higley,

    The Grand Tree is a New England trail race series that provides competition, community, and a measure of performance relative to one's peers or oneself over time. For beginning trail racers, it's an entry to races farther from home or of differing distance or character. For new trail races, inclusion in the series can help a race become established.

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    Photos for many trail and road races at Ben Kimball Photography
    Ben's Trail Running Western Massachusetts is available in bookstores and online.
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