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Grand Tree Trail Race Series


  • Grand Tree Trail Race Series - 2021 Final Results after 14 races
    Congratulations everyone, however many races you ran this season, for getting out in the woods and running about in the natural world whether for exercise, reflection, or letting your inner animal run free.
    Final standings have Ted Cowles as top male stonehead, having run 10 races (4 more than anyone else) for a total of 669 points, with Dan Danecki coming in second in 6 races for 354 points.
    Katya Divari and Christine Feder stayed in a dead heat within 1/500 of each other through the end of the season, Katya edging Christine in both total points (308.0 vs 307.5) and overall best (52.8% vs 52.7%)!
    Edward Shibley handily won top male overall best with an 87.0% average best 4 scores, followed by Daniel Brehart at 76.3%, and Paul Funch in a very impressive third overall at 71% and 71 years!

    For runners who have run at least two races:
        Total points | Best avg of 2,3,4 races
    Alphabetical by Name Results for all runners:
        Results A-Z | Download as a spreadsheet in open document format
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  • Misc. Resources
    Trail maps reference section added to Links page
    Photos for many trail and road races at Ben Kimball Photography
    Ben's Trail Running Western Massachusetts is available in bookstores and online.

  • Grand Tree Results Archive - past performance is no guarantee of future results

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  • Wednesday fun runs... Thru the chilly season, fun runs start at 5:30pm from the Visitor's Center on Hoosac Street in Adams

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