Look for toby trail run advice for a total noob

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Look for toby trail run advice for a total noob

Postby bradyapba » Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:30 pm

I am a new runner. Very new. Only since July. Im a bigger guy, trying to get in shape. Ive lost 35 pounds and down to 215.

I have only run road races, and have only gone 6 miles once, and did 13 miles once, on a run/walk method (and took me 3:20, though i didnt push)

I want to do this run on Sun, but feel like I dont know how to prepare. I know its going to take me 3:30ish at least. Do people run with backpacks(for food/fuel and water)(or should i get a belt?), or are the enough aid stations for food and water not to need one?

Thanks for any advice or tips.


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Rob Higley
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Re: Look for toby trail run advice for a total noob

Postby Rob Higley » Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:23 pm

Hi Chris -
Welcome to trail running. Don't worry too much about gear. You would probably be fine just using the aid stations, but it might be a good chance to try out a water bottle of some type in case you get thirsty between aid stations. A gu packet is useful in case you bonk with a couple miles to go. You can bring a small sandwich and jam it in a pocket or hand hold it, if you worry that the aid stations may run out or won't have what you want (and you can leave it in your car if you feel reassured at the pre-race). IMHO, a hydration backpack would be overkill unless it were in the 90's and humid, but the forecast is for 45-55F. Don't over-drink, but drink when you are thirsty. If you are sweating and drinking a lot, eat salty snacks at the aid stations.

You may find yourself running along with someone of like pace, you'll assimilate lore from the community. In any case, it's not a huge distance, and if you keep puttering along you'll get from start to finish without needing special gear.
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